Ultimately The Manhunter Rams Can Play There Round Draft Pick

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At the NFL draft, clubs create moves and trade up or trade down to get the draft picks they desire. This springs' draft was no different when the LA Rams chose to trade up for the number one pick and draft Jared Goff and also the biggest transfer was made. He was the earners in the draft and everyone thought he would play in this season. That just has not been the situation in LA this past year and maybe it is because the Rams started out 3-1 and on top of their division. Things have not been going so great for the Rams, who had lost four matches in a row. They got a much needed win last Sunday . Following the Rams' recent battles, they've determined this week to play with the number one selection. It has to be hard for fans, who have seen Carson Wentz of those Eagles, also the success of rookie quarterbacks of the Cowboys. I am sure lots of Rams fans were wondering why,"Ok, when is our number one pick going to get some game experience?" Today the Ram lovers will get precisely what they're wishing for this coming Sunday, when they play with the Miami Dolphins. 

Rams fans are hoping by getting Goff from the game, it will provide them a downfield threat than they've had all year.  The simple fact that Goff has remained on the bench, despite the poor drama of Keenum, has led many to believe he must look so bad in practice that Fisher can't justify placing him on the field. Now we will all get to see how he appears on Sunday. Thus Ram fans get ready to see exactly what your number one pick can perform. As the offense has been terrible this year, something must change in LA. The starter, Case Keenum, pulled interceptions in the game in factors and has made many mistakes.  Apparently, athlete Fisher has decided something must change with the dreadful offense of his team. The change is official and find out what he can do out there and Goff will have to begin this Sunday. Each week, the offense has played badly and Keenum hasn't been able to produce any big plays downfield all year long. This is forcing opposing guards stop all pro running Todd Gurley, which they've been able to do so far and to come until the line.

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