UCLA Named Number Two Leading General Community University

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UCLA Chancellor Gene Block stated,"I'm proud of the notable achievements of UCLA faculty and students to break new barriers and better our world through service and discovery, and of our work to guarantee opportunities for people who always strive to attain their potential" UCLA surpassed all universities for diversity in the ranking. Contributing to their number 2 ranking for top public university is a higher graduation rate and freshman retention rate.  Bruins fans across the globe are enthusiastic that their college was recognized by the U.S. News and World Report rankings of the nation's top universities and colleges. The 2016 report has been printed on September 9th, and names five different University of California campuses as one of the top 10 public associations. UC Berkeley is number 1, UC San Diego at 8, UC Davis at number 9, and UC Santa Barbara was listed in number 10. 

Go Bruins, you got this! In the Peak of Their overall Ranks are Princeton, Harvard, and Yale Together with Stanford Columbia, and University of Chicago tied for the Fourth. Overall UCLA is rated 23. Their rival USC landed at the 25th location. The rivalry between both Southern California colleges is HUGE. Provided that the Bruins beat out USC that is all they care about as wonderful as the ranks are. 

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