The Nisqually Of Puppies And Washington Aid Stranded Mushers After Iditarod

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Four groups and fifty-three puppies the favorite 1,000-mile Iditarod race during the Alaskan outback, out of Norway was not the tough part -- for trying to return home, that name is reserved. 

Andersen explained when there was not a site bit enough to allow the dogs 32, that the excursion was prolonged to construct camps. However, after five exhausting days the groups and their puppies were awarded a hand. The teams had planned to get connecting flights in Alaska to Seattle, and then from Seattle to Norway. But upon arriving at the Anchorage airport, the two groups were advised that the cargo plane would not fly the dog team members from Alaska reports KOMO-TV that an ABC affiliate. "The only alternative was renting a U-Haul, put crates inside, make some air for the dogs and drive 2,500 miles," said Karl-Erik Andersen, a dog handler. The huskies could play and extend in open areas, as well as get fresh meals and water; their individual counterparts were able to get rest and showers,"That really is a paradise for us -- very pleasant," countries musher Dag Oslen.  Heidi Thomas, a Nisqually tribe worker saw the dogs on the face of the road and decided to stop,"To observe these other puppies and that which I understood was a stressful position for them. My heart just believed to stop and find out what exactly was going on." Thomas and the Nisqually then invited the massive group of stranded travelers to remain on their land.

"We are always prepared to give a hand, particularly with individuals in want," Sheila McCloud the Nisqually tribal council secretary told KOMO. Andersen explains that Thomas was"an angel". Even the mushers and their dog teams made it to board their trip to Norway. Thomas adds,"I need to know that they made it home safe."

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