Stephen Hawking Believes From The Extermination Of The Individual Species

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Yuri Borisovich Milner, founder of Group and DST Global, has financed a new project called Breakthrough Starshot. A team of scientists that have Stephen Hawking, the notorious theoretical physicist leads the project. The concept of the project is to deliver nanocrafts into the closest star system to the Solar system, Alpha Centauri, also called Rigil Kent. Alpha Centauri consists of three legends, the Red Dwarf and the duo Alpha Centauri A and Alpha Centauri B.

He also believed strongly that other galaxies could be our new residence in the future, once the aliens forces us at the next thousand or ten thousand decades out of it. That's the Breakthrough Starshot project is essential. The theory that Stephen Hawking has is thathe think that aliens exists and since we, humans, are so bent on knowing if you can find extraterrestrial life out there in the world, we have to also be careful and expect they don't find us first. "If aliens see us, the result would be when Columbus landed in America, that did not turn out nicely for the Native Americans," he explained. "We only have to appear at ourselves to see just how smart life might develop into something we would not wish to meet." said Hawking. Lots of people respect and look around Stephen Hawking, so his views on extreterrestrial life and the way people can be targets in a game of conquerors and civilizations along with other aliens, have left many people a little more concern with extraterrestrial beings exterminating the human species for sources. "I imagine they might exist in massive ships, having used up all the resources from their home planet. Such complex aliens could possibly become nomads, appearing to conquer and colonise whatever planets that they could reach." Said Hawking in 2010.

"It isn't smart to keep all of our eggs in only one delicate basket," said Hawking. "Life on Earth faces danger from astronomical events like asteroids or supernovas. Another danger is by ourselves. If we want to survive as a species, we have to finally spread to the stars." "The likelihood of finding alien life is reduced. Likely," said Hawking. "But the discoveries from the Kepler mission suggest that there are countless habitable planets in our galaxy alone. There are at least 100 billion galaxies in the observable universe."

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