Standing for Reputation Rock

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If you are not currently living beneath a rock you know that the Standing Rock protests from North Dakota continues to innovate between the protestors.  Activists have even been tased and shot with rubber bullets, although protestors aren't just being maced and beaten with batons. Even though they are being attacked so brutally and unfairly, tribal leaders are still asking all"water guards" to keep peaceful relations and rely on prayer as the only weapon used to fight the construction of this DAPL. The Dakota Accessibility Pipeline protests started just a few months past. The protests are a reaction to the construction proposed for the Energy Transfer Partners' Dakota accessibility Pipeline. This pipeline could then run in North Dakota all the way to Illinois in the Bakken oil fields. The principal difficulty is the lack of communication with all the Native American tribes that'll be impacted by the pipeline. Most importantly nullify, pollute the Missouri River, and also this pipeline threatens to uproot burial ground.

We must keep reminding them they're welcome to put down their weapons and badge and take a stand against this particular pipeline too. Some are waking up."
 Many are still asking how the weaponless protestors could terrorize after seeing videos of the huge amounts of the beatings that are unfair and arrests who have happened. Surely, some form of cognitive dissonance must be occurring? According to an activist called Redhawk, there are reports of two police officers. They confessed that the battle against peaceful American people is not the battle they signed for.

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