Ligament Injuries... No Problem, See You In The Worldcup

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It is too be bad I wasn't about to have enjoyed that success back in the previous century although I have seen The Super bionic USA superhero goalkeeper Tim Howard holding the entire world cup record with 16 saves against Belgium... I mentioned it before and I'll say it again, on mind Belgium we got soccer and game here at the US fame keeps on growing. Alright people settle down and find your seats we will start our short soccer history momentarily. USA are undoubtedly not wet behind the ears when it comes to soccer and would you believe the US had played with at the first FIFA World Cup ever a long time ago, just July 13 1930 (aah! There goes lucky thirteen) and indeed it was a lucky number for the USA group since they had defeated Belgium 3-0 and forced it to third location, not bad heh? Also an astonishing historic record for its first world cup football apparel suggestion belongs to... you guessed that it USA! And goes back to our hero"Bert Petenaude" and so you can see we are not any strangers to soccer and particularly qualifying to compete against the top teams that the world offers from the world cup... on your face! (Please insert sound bites of tooting horn)

You know I believe that the greatest honour goes to in competing in the FIFA world cup fighting out with the rest of the great soccer teams of earth and there are plenty for example USA (seen USA is first on my record ) and you will find many others worth mentioning here but that place mild belongs to our USA nationwide group. Quit mentality, train hard and not jermaine Jones of the MLS Colorado Rapids appears to have a confident, determined and these fine prerequisites with all he will most certainly in my opinion make a seat at the MNT family table to him. Go Jones! Go USA! Go USA! With all this FIFA World Cup excellent history under our belt and also let's not forget that we own the album for the very first hat trick ever and with that said I could understand veteran midfielder Jermaine Jones courage and determination to overcome his lateral cruciate ligament trauma that'd nearly completely slashed off the bone such as tearing a piece of spare rib in the Chinese restaurant and so eat your words that said football was not a sport without an appetite for roughness as our football here to not be confused with world football soccer.

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