Dwelling On Mars

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The concept of living on Mars was part of children's imagination for decades. Some kids with these fantasies have grown. One thing is sure about their research, a renewable food source could be essential to extend life on the planet that doesn't now yield its crops.

As their study and scientist is in emptiness of actual soil from Martian land in order to generate a study land required to be produced. NASA was instrumental in the soil research by providing samples. Employing this particular research sample of soil, plants were able to be increased like peas, spinach, tomato, rye, chives, radish, and leek, among others.  New research is showing positive indications that plants could be grown in the soil of Mars. Researchers from the Wageningen University and Research Center in the Netherlands are currently running tests on various soil samples that simulate the dirt found to ascertain if growing crops are possible.

On account of the capability for people to live on the planet's neighbor, and the enthusiasm about Mars exploration, a crowd funding site was set up to help finance further research in the area of food sources on Mars. Anyone interested in financially supporting the cause can do this.  "The research demonstrates that the Mars soil simulant has excellent potential when properly prepared and watered," explained Dr. Wieger Wameling, lead researcher from the analysis. His group had simulated land with soil in the moon in the desert in Arizona, shoeing half the achievement in plant development. Neither evaluation results has yet to have already been printed.

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