Do Blind Men Dream of Visual Sheep?

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Here's something to chew on: How do blind people dream? A person does not require eyesight to observe things but when someone who has been blind from birth doesn't know exactly what, say, a home looks like, how does or he dream about a house? What does it look like?

Back in 2014, an article appeared in the journal Sleep Medicine that virtually answers that question. Neuroscientists from the University of Copenhagen accumulated 11 who had been blind from birth and 14 who became blind later age 1, 25 people, combined with 25 non individuals. They asked each participant to fill out a lengthy questionnaire concerning their visions, and made an interesting (though not totally unexpected ) discovery: While the sighted participants underwent dreams which were thick on the visuals, the blind ones reported with dreams with vivid sensations of taste, sound, and touch.

Another popular question regarding blindness is that: Would blind people"see" while on hallucinogens? Many people report they cannot. Popular YouTuber Tommy Edison, who has been blind since birth, claims that if hasn't seen, then:"A drug wouldn't have the ability to make me visit. If it might, do not you believe I'd take it every day!?" Some individuals who have gone blind later in life (and consequently had recollections of eyesight ) did record some visual dreams, however the older they got, the hazier these fantasies became. It was found that the nature of fantasies was similar across the board: The only set that experienced accusations per capita were the congenitally blind -- those born that way. They often dreamed of being lost, struck by a vehicle, and falling. . .in essence, things they worry about when they're awake.

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