Diving Proves For A Sport

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Aggressive springboard and platform divers start competing and training at a very early age. Many Olympic and world champions in this game are a mere 18 decades of age and younger. Diving is considered a sport due to the impact using the water on entrance. A diver entering the water in the 10-meter system is traveling almost 40 mph. These forces are sufficient to split dislocate joints and bones. Diving can be dangerous and unbelievably painful. Divers are also at risk of injuries from spine twisting back arching, back flexion, and hitting the platform or board as well as overuse injuries similar to gymnasts from jumping. Injuries can also occur from instruction to"dry land." This sort of training springboards, trampolines, and includes the use of spotting belts and weight lifting. All of those combined tire muscles out and influence the joints.

Knee injuries While injuries do occur in diving, diving or unsupervised is associated with a much greater chance of harm or even death. Just because someone is a diver and has been educated doesn't mean they're safe. Certainly any wrong move could harm them and even others around them. . Low back pain Shoulder injuries Wrist/hand injuries Elbow injuries Neck injuries

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