Dancing Into A Life

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You are definitely missing out, if you haven't been watching Dancing with the Stars this season. This season has some of the stars which the show has seen in quite some time. Beginning his protestors and this season with Ryan Lochte and that drama, then soar throughout the dance floor including a dancing butterfly, to watching Tara out of Little People LA turn into the little man to be on the show. But this new superstar is beginning to make waves. Jana Kramer, who started her career earlier and because country music star is not only an gifted singer, but she is now speaking out about a past with abuse against her husband.

The abuse came to a terrifying head. Gambino was on a jealous rage when Kramer blasted to unconsciousness and left her alone and bleeding on the sidewalk. From that night, Kramer has scars to this day. Kramer eventually found the courage to pursue charges . Michael Gambino has been sentenced on charges of murder. He had been released on parole in 2010 and made a decision to take his life two years later. Kramer has since experienced divorce, baby and a marriage, but is currently staying strong and regaining her confidence on the dance floor. The time was if she was 20 years old and had been married for less than a year to Michael Gambino. He was older than her day he slammed her against the wall and began choking her. This behavior continued and he was acting nothing like the guy she fell in love with. Kramer hid her lumps and didn't tell friends and family. Things got so horrific that hiding in bushes before he calmed down as well as Jana had been made to spend the night in her car again. The very first time he threatened to kill her did contact the authorities, however she had been fearful to press charges.

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