A $6,000 Toaster Shows The Income Inequality

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Taxes are one of the very sensitive topics as soon as it concerns the economy of the country. For instance, during the Q&A taping public forum the controversy taxes begins in Australia. Duncan Storrar who had been a part of the crowd asked the Australian Assistant Treasure Kelly O'Dwyer about the most recent tax cuts of the country. O'Dwyer was not able to provide a satisfactory response. She opted to talk down market, and it is a theory that has proved ineffective regardless of several individuals. More questions came up after she employed a example in her explanation. She referred to an business owner, who had a budget of $2 million. The speech of Storrar impressed most taxpayers of Australia and shocked from the approach. It revealed the authorities had secluded the poor citizens and the working class taxpayers, that happen to be the individuals the government should really be paying attention to.

The problem isn't only in Australia, but the entire world. The world today is much more concerned with elaborate and latest technology rather than whether our fellow citizen is currently currently sleeping on an empty stomach. If the thousands of people could contribute to the campaign picture if the society got involved in making the world a better location than the case would be wholly different. It merely needs to play their role. A tongue in cheek Go Fund Me campaign was launched by the Down Under, so as to raise $6000 to buy Storrar a toaster. The campaign raised over 10 times the amount. The campaign might be idiotic in the beginning, but having a closer look it clearly reveals the income inequality that's present in the country and is on the rise. The situation is similar in other nations. The effort demonstrates the community is able to support each other; they gave up their hard won money. It's not logical to offer benefits, but also give tax cuts, although taxes are compulsory for each citizen. It is a very disheartening circumstance.  The authorities ought to be a service provider to all taxpayers, regardless of one's financial status. At the U.S. near 1 million Americans shed food advantages while the Republicans propose an additional $98 billion in social program cuts. The UK is not any different with 500000 losing their disability benefits. The government is withholding a great deal of income avenues which can provide taxation. the campaign ignored the whole thing. The toaster is $6000 while the majority of the citizens cannot afford a sandwich. 

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